April 2011

First Forum for new Energy and Low carbon cooperation between China and Europe & West China Development Projects

ILB Helios AG has hold tougher with NES New Energy Solutions GmbH Switzerland, NES China and with the China Western HR Development Fund the first Forum for new Energy and Low carbon cooperation in Xian at April 08-09 2011 and in Beijing at April 12.2011.


This was the first forum with these topics in China, which was hold together with the West China Development Fund for new energy project and low carbon city development.


11 Experts from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Holland and Spain together with Chinese experts have been invited to the meeting and together they presented and discussed the important topics.

The main topics were energy saving, clean energy production, water treatment, waste management and biological food production and city planning. The forum was also an excellent platform to establish cooperation’s with the Chinese government and private companies.

ILB Helios AG, CEO
NES, President
G. Stonig


January 2010

ILB Helios Group has been invited to have a speech on the NEW Century Management Forum.

The NEW Century Management Forum is a special department of the HaiDian University in Beijing. Mr. Stonig (CEO ILB Helios) has hold the speech about the New Energy Business in front of Chinas top leaders and more than 200 representatives from government and industry.


ILB and the NEW Century Management Forum are planning to hold several additional meetings in the future together. These meetings are especially designed for government and industry leaders to promote clean energy solutions for China.

16.01.2010, Beijing, CEO G. Stonig


December 2009

Ceremony at the Nanjing University of Technology NJUT and Green Building Research Center

ILB Helios Group and Daub-Belz and Partners from Germany hold the first ceremony for the new energy post degree in Nanjing.
Nearly 50 students were able to pass the exam and could finally get the certification.

From the official side the German consulate and the SEQUA / BMZ have attended this event.


The cooperation from ILB Helios Group Daub-Belz and Partners and the Nanjing University of Technology NJUT and Green Building Research Center for this first new energy degree will last up to the end of 2011.

The ILB Helios Group believe in the importance of this education to improve the know how for the use of new energy technologies in China.

4.12.2009, Nanjing, CEO G. Stonig

October 2009

First post degree course for solar systems in China

ILB Helios Group together with Belz-Forsthuber & Partner and Daub-Architects have developed the first solar post degree curse in China. In a 2 semester post degree curse on the Nanjing University of Technology NJUT and Green Building Research Center GBRC Nanjing up to 100 students will get a deep know how about solar systems.

Several experts from Europe will hold different lections on the university.


We are sure to create with this new energy post degree curse a great benefit for the students, the university and industry for a deeper understanding for these important technologies to develop green energy systems and products in China.

ILB Helios Group: G. Stonig

ILB Helios Spain S.A. has taken over IFV-Ensol

ILB Helios Spain S.A. has taken over one of the best solar module manufacturer in Europe, IFV-Ensol.

From now on, ILB Helios will manufacture also in Madrid with full automatic production lines, Top class solar modules with a very high performance rate.

Moreover, ILB will continue to manufacture the very successful IFV-Ensol solar tracker and mounting systems.

This takeover was an important step to expand the ILB Helios Group in the European market.

We are sure to provide our customer an additional service and a new Top-EU-Product range.

On this place we also like to thanks all former IFV-Ensol customer and we are confident in continuing this very successful business relationship.

The ILB Helios Group: Manuel Nunez and Guenther Stonig



New partnership, Zug

The ILB Helios Group decided to enter a strategic partnership with e-swissolar GmbH and e-greeksolar GmbH.

A goal of this co-operation is to offer to the Greek customers a full scope of service and products, starting with project/product consultation, planning, profitability calculation, risk analysis, financing, insurance of the complete project up to the installation and long-term service and maintenance.
The two partners agree that, through this co-operation and their synergies, they are in position to offer extremely professional and market-leading overall service to the Greek market.

Highest requirement is to offer cost-optimized solar project with minimum total risks and maximum profitability to customers in Greece.
e-greeksolar/e-swissolar GmbH and ILB Helios AG are convinced jointly to be able to guarantee an optimal customer benefit.

02-28 until 03-02-2007

Exhibition Genera, Madrid

ILB Helios presented in Madrid new high-quality mono and polycrystalline modules from the series LIG and SP. Storm of visitors at the stand with Duo Consulting was enormous.