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In the year 2006 entered ILB in a manufacturing co-operation in China. Main objective was to achieve an optimum product quality on standard production conditions.

The co-operation is to promote new Swiss brand ILB Helios at marketing of crystalline silicone solar cells, modules and photovoltaic products on the European Union market.

The development and use of solar energy is nowadays the best possibility of relieving the environment and alleviating future energy crisis. The enterprises, which contribute to the solution of the problem, are generously financially supported by national governments.

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The initial capital of the company in the first period amounts to over 20 million US dollar, and the firm area covers a surface of 133.200 m². ILB Helios AG sets great value upon to a progressive development, top technology and fast production. Main products are monocrystalline silicone disks, solar cells, solar modules and photovoltaic products.

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The training of our employee, qualified management and the highest possible technological development have a particularly high value for us. Our highly-qualified managers and technical experts are guarantee for production of the absolutely best quality-products, ILB Helios, in China and according to European standards. We do not want to be the largest manufacturer in China, we would like to offer the most innovative and qualitatively best products.

Swiss quality - made in China.


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